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Friends Donate Gift Baskets to New Teachers

The Friends of the SBC Free Library and Zeta Epsilon chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma, two local non-profits, have partnered again to support our local teachers with beautiful gift tubs filled with lots of surprises for every new teacher in grades K-8. Each teacher received a tub full of supplies to make the job easier, including a book about kindness for the classroom library, a Friend’s Book Shop voucher and a gift cards from a teacher supply store and Target. They also received library bookmarks, library card applications, motivation stickers, pencils, and erasers for their students.

Melissa Hale, new teacher at Maze Middle School

Rochelle Johnson, new teacher at Cerra Vista Elementary School and Edwina Young, Friends of the Library board member

Mrs. Bernosky, Superintendent/Principal of Spring Grove School and new teacher, Angie Garman

Susan Logue, Friends of the Library President and Monica Reed, new teacher at Tres Pinos School

Adriana Contreras, new teacher at Hollister Dual Language Academy

Erica Brown, new teacher at Gabilan Hills Elementary School

Josh Ramirez, new teacher at Rancho San Justo Middle School

Cherisse Parker and Dominica Torres, new teachers at Ladd Lane School

Lupita Salas, new teacher at Spring Grove School

Lindsay Wooler, new teacher at Tres Pinos School and Mrs. Mendes-LoBue, Principal/Superintendent

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