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Baskets of Learning

The Friends of the San Benito County Free Library and the Zeta Epsilon Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma International recognized sixteen new teachers in the county. These teachers received “Baskets of Learning” filled with educational items to aid in their teaching and gift cards to help purchase necessities to enhance their classrooms. Due to the current teacher shortage, the members of both organizations recognize the need to acknowledge and encourage teachers new to the profession. We also wish to make new teachers aware of the resources and support available from our own community and its library. Thank you to all new and veteran teachers! We appreciate your hard work.

Kim Stegeman, Southside School (above)

Joanna Glass, Southside School (above)

Christina Larabell, R.O. Hardin School (above)

Rachel Domezio, Katie Alosi, Elizabeth Vargas, Diane Mateus (below)

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